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Living Out Loud Blog

Living Out Loud Blog

Can You Hear Him

Posted on May 21, 2014 at 10:40 PM

How easy is it for us to become overwhelmed, stressed-out, or even frightened by circumstances beyond our control... especially in this day and age? Many times (sometimes, it even feels like "too many times"), we face difficult and painful storms that intrude uninvited and unwelcome into our lives. It's easy to focus on the things we can physically see happening around us, and difficult to ignore the pain it may be causing. In these moments, it's easy to pray and seek God for help and deliverance. Carrying on a continuous conversation with our Beloved Father even seems to come more naturally for us.

What becomes difficult and easily forgotten during these life junctures is that a conversation requires a dialogue. Simply, that means sharing the task of talking and listening. God desires and loves listening to us. Even more than a close friend, He wants us to download on Him, to share everything, our thoughts, concerns, fears and anxieties, all of it. But He also wants His turn "on the floor," to remind us of His great love and concern for us.

You've all heard the phrase "Help! I'm talking and I can't shut-up!"? Do you know anyone like this? :)

 God created us all DIFFERENT... and for a good reason (when you figure this out - please call me). We all need to learn how to deal with and accept those differences. We may not always understand them, but we can accept them and learn how to work with them, as opposed to how to work them(Yet Stand Firmly On The Word of God) and not work against them. I believe that just as we need to learn how to communicate effectively with our friends and others, we also need to learn or be reminded of how to do the same with our heavenly Father.

Have You Given The Lord Time Today~Listen Can You Hear Him?


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