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Vessels of Honor Worldwide 

Attendees and Viewers Testamonials

Sister Deborah Baird and the VOHW Team have ministered at Steppin' Out Blessed Ladies conferences in '13 and '14 which were held at RIO Praise and Worship Center in Knoxville, TN. They are scheduled to minister again August 7 and 8, 2015. I have attended other conferences where VOHW were ministering and the '13 and '14 Fall Retreats. I plan to attend the VOHW Fall Retreat in '15. Sister Deborah and the VOHW are a blessing to the Body of Jesus Christ. They are anointed to share an On Time Word which encourages, strengthens and inspires those who attend.

~ Opal Dalton~ Stepping Out Blessed Ministries

Our church had the honor of hosting “Vessels of Honor Worldwide in March 2012.

Deborah Baird and her team joined our monthly Women’s Fellowship “Women of the Word”. It was a powerful God centered service from beginning to end. I have also had the privilege of speaking ata “Vessels of Honor Retreat”. It is very refreshing to see women from different ages and backgrounds come together in unity to lift up the name of Jesus! I see this as one of the goals of Vessels of Honor Worldwide, to be a vehicle by which the gospel can be taught, preached and shared. If you are looking for an outreach to join, a place to grow spiritually and to share your gifts and talents, I highly recommend Vessels of Honor Worldwide. God Bless you Sister Deborah for this ministry, I pray God continues to take you to higher heights and deeper depth!

Goodlettsville, TN

- Sonya Slaton, Co Pastor, Living Word Church

"I love being at the Vessels of Honor meetings. I get so much out of every single meeting that I attend. Vessels of Honor is a ministry that encourages women to walk in the love of Christ and obey God's Word above all else. Women that attend Vessels of Honor consider the meetings a divine appointment with God.

- Monica Schmelter, Host of Bridges Christian Program, General Manager of Whtn-Christian Television Network

Faye Rocchietti

I have attended many women's retreats down through the years but I have never felt the presence of the Lord as strong and powerful as I did at the 2012 VOH Retreat . The cloud and the fire was truly in our midst. The Holy Spirit poured out special anointings upon each of us and none of us left the same way we came. Along with seeing my sisters in Christ, and myself, set free from all types of bondages it was the love of God that could be felt so strong in our midst.

 The Covering of the Veil was one of the most beautiful things to behold and to ever experience. Some were given a new covering for their ministries. When the laughter hit me I could not stop. When I came to myself I felt as if a deep housecleaning had swept through my vessel and I felt so clean because things were swept out that I didn't know were inside-only the Lord knows!

 Thanks to: Sis. Deborah and her team for loving and ministering to all of us, for Sis. Sonja for being our caterer, for Lois and Linda teaching/preaching us the Word,for our song leaders, and to Sis Lana for singing, to Sis. Carole and her team. And especially to all my sisters in Christ that attended, some I already knew and to my new ones. But above all, Thank you God, for your presence among your Daughters of the King! Absolutely Awesome!

President/Founder Sword and Trumpeteer Ministries

Danette Hill

The Fall Retreat was such a blessing to myself and the ladies that came with me. There was such a Spirit of acceptance,love and the GLORY of GOD!

 The teaching was great. The fellowship was wonderful. It lifted my spirits,renewed my mind and began the emotional healing after just losing my mother

 God always send what we need if we will just give him some time. The time set aside by every lady there was rewarded in great spiritual realms of worship,praise and deliverance. Thank you Lord for not only blessing and enriching my life but others as well!

 Yes, I will return this year if at all possible!

Danette Hill~Tullahoma,Tn.

Holly Martin

Jeremiah 29:11 reminds us that the Lord knows the plans He has for our lives.

 Vessels of Honor Fall Retreat of 2012 was definitely a plan of His -- for all women who attended!

The glory of God that was shone, the Presence that was surreal and the embraced friendships made this Retreat a wonderful experience.

So blessed to be a part of this!

Holly Martin~Turning Point UPC

Janie Randolph

On September 30,2011 my sister Brenda died in the parking lot at the Comedy Barn. They shocked her back, she then was on lifesupport of 6 days at a hospital in Knoxville, TN. She passed October 6,2011. This was a shock to my mind. I couldn't get any peace over her death. Then on March 24,2012 I lost my mother.

 By this time my state of mind was out in space somewhere. Dealing with the deaths of my sister and mother I was upset, hurt, but most of all angry. I had a really good friend that had been asking me to come to the fall retreat for Vessels of Honor.

 I had been out of work for at least 6 months and didn't know how I was going to go financially, but God made a way. I'm soooo thankful. If it had not been for the move of God and the praying and the teaching at the fall retreat. I had been praying for peace over my sister's passing and God to take all the anger and bitterness away. If it had not been for the week with the ladies of Vessels of Honor and my good friend only God knows where I would be.

 During worship on Thursday night God blessed me like I had never been blessed before. So when I came home on Saturday, I came home with such a peace and joy. I have a new outlook on life. I would recommend that if you can be part of any meeting with Vessels of Honor take advantage of that opportunity because God will show up.

Janie Randolph~ Baxter,Tn.


I attended a meeting in 2011 of June and I just want to say I haven't been the same since!

God touched my heart and revealed to me I needed to make some changes in my life.

Thank you for continuing to pray for me!


Trena Cooper

I was invited to attend the Vessel of Honor Retreat in September of 2012. I really had no idea what to expect would happen.

I've never been to retreats of any kind, and I was a little nervous and reserved while there. It was a great experience. We laughed, shared, cried, a prayed for each other. It felt like we were all our Heavenly Father's little girls meeting around His throne to play and enjoy His presence. The lodge we stayed in was awesome. I enjoyed the heated pool and the hot tubs.

 The food was wonderful. It is a lot of fun to meet new people of like faith in a relaxed setting where you can make new unexpected friends. Thanks to facebook you can continue to grow in your friendship and fellowship.

I hope I get to go again in 2013. I plan to have a lot of fun, and be encouraged in the Lord. It's a 12 and a half hour drive for me to get there, but it is worth it to go.

Deborah Baird is mightily used of God at these retreats. Her daughter, Sonja, told me, "Trena, you will never see my mom in the same light again after tonight." I wondered what on earth did she mean? Sure enough, my jaw dropped and I see Sister Deborah in a whole new light. You will just have to come and find out for yourself what happened. It's a must see! lol..Thank you, Deborah. You are something else, girl....Keep on keeping on for the Lord.

Trena Cooper NewHope Ministries Fort Scott,Kansas



My name is Melissa. I have never attended any of your meetings,however I subscribe to your post and I get such encouragement from reading them.Sometimes it seems like you are reading my mail as the saying goes.

I just wanted to say thank you.I pray that one day I will get to attend one of your conferences.I am praying you will be in my area soon! .


Melissa~Dayton ,Ohio

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